Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Week

Tomorrow it will be one week since my mom went back to Congo. It takes her several days of traveling before she finally gets to the ministry's house. I received an email today saying that she was in Congo.
Caroline, Josh and I were sad to see her go. We enjoyed our time together so much. Everyday Caroline asks for her Bebe. I tell her she is in Africa ( or Congo), she shakes her head, yes, like she knows exactly what I am talking about. So smart.
We have been staying busy to not think about it just being the two of us now. We have been at the pool everyday this week. Caroline loves it! Her favorite thing is to "jump" off the side to me. I think it wears me out more than it does her, I keep hoping for a 3 hour nap from her, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I need to make her swim laps, or catch me! I will post some pictures of her in her swimming attire. It is pretty cute.
Josh is out of town this weekend. He is on a fishing trip for work. So, we ordered pizza tonight! Who needs a fishing trip if you have pizza?
That is all for now.....