Saturday, February 6, 2010

makes me laugh

These two girls make me laugh, shall I be honest some of these things make me want to scream, but usually I laugh.


in the car she often says"GO woman" talking to cars in front of us. {She already is a Houston driver! }

Everything she eats is delicious

She won't eat food if she doesn't deam to be beautiful {?}

She throws words around like responsible and recognize like Susanna throws food off her tray
WILL.NOT. stay off the kitchen table

every sweet treat is called a dookie{she can't get enough of them}

all animals are called puppies, except cats

she will not say Caroline, only Dister{ask her to say Caroline, she says "Dister"}

she has the cutiest little kissy face

favorite song Itsy Bitsy Spider

looking at books, she HAS to sit in your lap when this happens :)

I remembered recently why I have stored my makeup in a bag on the counter for a couple of years, instead of in the drawer that is meant for such things, 20 month olds LOVE to get into make up

the winners

Winner number 1 for commenting first, Kari
Winner number 2, whose name was drawn out of one of Caroline's toy drums by Caroline, is Joy.

You lucky ladies win a sweet little calendar, here is a picture of mine sitting right by our home phone. PLEASE email me your address soon. Facebook message would work too. You have so many options! ha. And a big THANKS to everyone for checking her blog out. Hopefully the internet connection there will be decent enough for her to blog often.