Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blue Ribbon Bake Off

At the end of the night.

Running around in the gym.(with her favorite, raisins)

Not too sure about the bounce house..

This is C's "Yay" Face!

I won a First Place Ribbon at a bake off at our church tonight! Yes, I won a blue ribbon for a Toffee Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie. I was SHOCKED. I entered it only because our Bible study class needed a pie to enter for the contest. Just to let you know, this was a huge event, and there were SEVERAL older ladies there who entered many yummy baked goods. I will post pictures of my blue ribbon when our computer is fixed. :) It was just so funny to Josh and I that I won because I rarely bake, honestly I don't really cook that often!

After the bake off there was a firework show. It was C's first time to experience fireworks. She really liked them, she didn't like the really loud ones. When it was over she said "YAY" she continued to say it in the car until she fell asleep.

A good time was had by all!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boy Oh Boy!

This was a fun filled weekend for us at the Landry house. I helped host a baby shower for my lovely friend Dena. She is having a boy, Hudson, due date is in September. The shower was great, it was good to see her, and her pregnant belly. It was wild, out of 7 hostesses 3 were pregnant! There were pregnant ladies all over the shower. So cute! It seems like there are pregnant women everywhere I turn, and it seems like every single one of them is having a BOY. How can that be possible?? I don't know, I guess 2007 is the year of the baby boy. I am so excited to see Dena as a mommy and to see little Hudson.
And as if that was not enough fun for me, I also got to spend the night with my friend Jannifer and her family. We went out to eat with no kiddos! Fun Fun!
Josh and Caroline stayed at home while I was gone . Josh took her to a little friend's 2nd Birthday party, and Bass Pro Shop, they had a blast!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


C's whole life Josh has prayed for her before bed. This week she has started the cutest thing. When Josh gets to the end of his prayer and says, in Jesus name I pray, C has started to say Aaaamen.

It is so PRECIOUS!


We had a great time in Galveston. The condo was great and the pool was even better. C couldn't get enough swimming, especially because she had her Auntie, cousin, Bapa, and Daddy to swim with! Mommy liked that too! C did not like the seaweed on the beach, but she did like the bubbles that were around the seaweed. She preferred to be carried through the water than walk through it on her own. I think if we had been there longer she would have grown an appreciation for it! She was a bit of a hit I must admit, she was running all over the reunion get together. Everyone laughed at her, saying that she had put a thousand miles on her little, green crocs. I think she might have! She is the energizer bunny!

Our computer is not allowing me to get online, so I am using Josh's computer to post this and catch up on emails.... I will post pictures when our computer is better:) I hope SOONER than later!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two Year Old

Well, at 2o months I did not think we would be dealing with the "terrible twos". Last week Miss C decided that she was not on my team any more, and that she should be the team leader of an opposing team! AAGGHH! Taking her out in public is like taking a ticking bomb with you on your errands. She loves to SCREAM, I mean SCREAM. Then look right at me, like what ya gonna do about that? So, we have asked for advice from others that have well behaved older kids, and bought several discipline books. This week we are staying home to try to battle it out here, her attitude has improved. We go to a family reunion this weekend.... I hope to have no episodes there!
On the other hand, she is talking up a storm and understands everything! We bought her one of those cars that she makes in go with her little feet. It is the funniest sight to see, her feet move so fast to get the car to GO!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

One Week

Tomorrow it will be one week since my mom went back to Congo. It takes her several days of traveling before she finally gets to the ministry's house. I received an email today saying that she was in Congo.
Caroline, Josh and I were sad to see her go. We enjoyed our time together so much. Everyday Caroline asks for her Bebe. I tell her she is in Africa ( or Congo), she shakes her head, yes, like she knows exactly what I am talking about. So smart.
We have been staying busy to not think about it just being the two of us now. We have been at the pool everyday this week. Caroline loves it! Her favorite thing is to "jump" off the side to me. I think it wears me out more than it does her, I keep hoping for a 3 hour nap from her, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I need to make her swim laps, or catch me! I will post some pictures of her in her swimming attire. It is pretty cute.
Josh is out of town this weekend. He is on a fishing trip for work. So, we ordered pizza tonight! Who needs a fishing trip if you have pizza?
That is all for now.....

Let's try this again

I tried to start blogging about 6 months ago, I posted two blogs and then forgot about it..... So, here I am again. I am not going to forget it this time! I will try to post the most recent happenings in our life. It will mainly be cute stories about Caroline, everyone loves those, right??!! I heard you all say yes, of course! Very good!