Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boy Oh Boy!

This was a fun filled weekend for us at the Landry house. I helped host a baby shower for my lovely friend Dena. She is having a boy, Hudson, due date is in September. The shower was great, it was good to see her, and her pregnant belly. It was wild, out of 7 hostesses 3 were pregnant! There were pregnant ladies all over the shower. So cute! It seems like there are pregnant women everywhere I turn, and it seems like every single one of them is having a BOY. How can that be possible?? I don't know, I guess 2007 is the year of the baby boy. I am so excited to see Dena as a mommy and to see little Hudson.
And as if that was not enough fun for me, I also got to spend the night with my friend Jannifer and her family. We went out to eat with no kiddos! Fun Fun!
Josh and Caroline stayed at home while I was gone . Josh took her to a little friend's 2nd Birthday party, and Bass Pro Shop, they had a blast!


victoria said...

great pics from the beach and love your hair cass--so long!!

Landry Land said...

Thanks! My hair was cut that morning by my old sylist! I have decided I am ONLY going to her:)

victoria said...

I know I strayed once and decided it was so not worth it and much better to stick with what you know ;) looks great!!

denaandkelly said...

I love being included in your blog! :) The shower was amazing thanks to you!! Your pictures are fantastic. I have to agree with the great "Christy" hair!