Sunday, December 21, 2008

check it out

In God's Heart Ministry's website and blog are up and running! YAY! Go check it out. I have taught my mom how to blog, she is typing so much she might need band aids for her fingers:) She will post what she can from DRC and I will be posting some prewritten posts until she gets back in the U.S. to wrtie more. and

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear God,

Please protect Santa.
Amen, Love Caroline

Caroline's prayer tonight.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

go baby go

I was warned that this would happen. She found the tree and the presents.

Caroline enjoyed a new book while Susanna enjoyed the tree:)

Kid's Crazy Christmas Show

(these are not great pictures, but it was hard getting good shots. Just imagine the chaos, a ton of kids eating breakfast with characters running around,agh.)
Our church puts on a GREAT puppet show at Christmas. On Saturday we took the girls. Caroline loved it, Susanna enjoyed half of it, napped the other half:) Caroline and Josh sat in the front and center of the stage. Every time I could get a glimpse of C's face, she was mesmerized. We had a great time.

Santa Baby

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Six Months

Looking cute on Thanksgiving.

Talking on her cell phone.

What a great half a year this has been. Pictures don't do this little one's cuteness justice. She is so sweet, but so determined. Don't get in the way of her grabbing at what she wants! Usually whatever cup I am drinking out of at the moment. Caroline can get her laughing like no other, she laughs and laughs when her sister plays with her.

Stats: 16 lbs

She loves bathtime, watching the dogs, playing in her exersaucer, talking to anyone, being held, "standing", moving around and getting whatever object she is yearning for! Not a big fan of baby food.

Fa la la la laaa la la la laaaa

A Christmas Card photo shoot......sigh.
You will be getting your card from Landry Land a bit late this year:) And don't mind our tree, the bottem of it is decorated "Caroline" style. The top looks nice. She found some old ornaments and she had to hang them everywhere she could reach.

Friday, December 5, 2008

News Flash!

Scary news, Susanna just crawled. Real deal crawling. But now she is just inch worming. What am I going to do people?!