Monday, August 27, 2007

Idaho oh Idaho!

I tried to put this pictures in order, but Blogger mixed them up. So, I will explain!

Get down, Get down! C at the wedding.

The 3 of us after the wedding.

Kisses for Mommy!

So cute.

One of the dogs at the wedding, look at it his neck, he got dressed up for the occasion!

The happy couple!

C on the porch of the house we stayed in.

The view from the porch:) I wish I was there RIGHT NOW!!!

C was on the look out for cows the whole time, here they are!

Caroline waving at the cows

Me taking pictures

We had a FABULOUS trip to Donnelly, Idaho. The reason for the the trip was to attend my cousin Sara's wedding. We spent time with family doing wedding things, eating, playing, fishing, and walking around outside. We arrived in Boise late, so we spent the night there and drove the next morning to Donnelly. Boise is so quaint, I felt like we were in a Little People town the whole time we were there. ( if you don't have a 2 year old, Little People is a type of toy) The drive was gorgeous. We drove through the mountains next a lake/creek the whole time. Josh went fishing with a guide one day. He caught a huge fish and really enjoyed his day, the guide was great. We went to the lake, cousins rode on a jet ski and C rode a bit and loved it! One day we visited a private garden, it was beautiful, I took a ton of pictures. There was a Huckleberry Festival that weekend, so we ate Huckleberry muffins and Huckleberry scones, YUM. Our time was also spent drinking coffee on the porch while looking at the mountains, watching little-bitty squirrels, and a friendly fox! The wedding was so sweet and fun. The band was AWESOME, C couldn't dance enough. It was pretty cute. I didn't want to leave, the weather was great, and the people were even better! But, we have been back and have been very busy!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes, we are back....

Actually we have been back from WONDERFUL Idaho for sometime now. I just haven't found the time to post a blog with pictures. I will do that this week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One more

Caroline practicing being a cute girl for my cousin's wedding! She doesn't have to try very hard.

My new toy

TADA, here is my new embroidery machine, isn't it lovely!
One of my first projects, a wedding gift for my cousin

This wipe case is the first thing I did!
Here are some cute hair bands for C and one of her friends
I have been wanting an embroidery machine for awhile. My neighbor friend has one and she got my hooked. Before I got it I would walk around imagining all of the things I could embroider. And now I can! Yippee! It is so fulfilling to sit down to work on something and in a few minutes hold the completed product in your hands! Something I had been missing these days. It has taken me awhile to figure out the software for the machine, but with a lot of help from Josh, I feel like I can make anything. I hope to learn more from my friend soon! Down the road I want to sell embroidered stuff, we will see:)