Thursday, November 27, 2008

Under construction

I am working on the blog's Christmas look, I am not done, but I am very tired.... Hopefully I can get it where I want it before Christmas!! If you see anyone handing out free christmas blog makeovers, let me know!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

please say a little prayer

***** Thanks for your prayers. It is over and we are glad about that. The test was not fun, but the results look like she does Not have kidney reflux, yay! One funny thing, they did an ultrasound of her kidneys. She looked at me and said, "I hope I can have a little baby for you Mommy. " Then later she told Josh's mom, " I have a little baby in my tummy." UUUMM No C, there are no babies in your tummy! I know that was probably confusing to her, but it sounded pretty funny coming out of a 3 year olds mouth.
Caroline goes at 3:00 today to get some tests at Tx Children's Hospital. She has had several UTI's so the tests are to determine if she has kidney reflux. They are quick tests, but sometimes she is not cooperative. So I am just worried she will make it worse than it has to be....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 months

I had to hurry up and write Susanna's 5 month post because she is going to be six months old before we know it! Oh Susanna, she is so precious and sweet. She rarely cries, but when she does she MEANS it. The nursery worker at church talks about her temper fits she throws. Yes, they page me everywhere I leave her. Which is fine with me, I am usually missing her when the pager goes off anyway. This little girl likes her mommy, a lot. She LOVES watching her sister and Daddy, and recently she discovered the dogs. At one of C's dr's visits I weighed her and she weighed 16 lbs, she is getting chubby and cute. She is the perfect addition to our family. Don't I say that every post, well it is true!

Found it, almost

Found the old camera cord, it worked! Where is the other one.... the search continues.

Are you aware of how GREAT Texas Tech is playing this season??? They are ranked #2, the only man in this house is VERY excited. He has been to 2 games, the A&M game and the UT game, Tech kicked bootie!! Here are some pics of Susanna showing her Red Raider spirit.


Caroline at 1 month

Caroline on the morning of her 3rd Birthday!

Our sweet Caroline has turned 3. This fact seems surreal to me, so I think that is why the post has taken so long. It feels like yesterday was the first day we brought her home. But, here we are 3 year later, in a different city, different house, with a 3 year old and a baby sister. It is WILD to me.

Miss Caroline blows us away everyday with the things she says, notices and her crazy antics. Her spiritual side is so sweet and our prayer for her is for that to grow into a sweet and real relationship with Jesus. Her prayers are so funny and her in sites about God usually have us holding back tears of laughter.

Somethings about C that I don't want to forget.
Her loves: Dress up, she always wants to go the mall:), she loves to put her clothes on by herself, she LOVEs to cook, she is not too picky of an eater, she hates to be left at church and school (cries every time), at school when the tears are gone she is teacher's helper, the girl can dance I mean she can GET DOWN, she has as an amazing memory, she does not like to show off what she knows ex. she knows her colors but when asked she will not tell you them, loves to read, loves music, loves her family, she is protective of her sister, talks to her sister with the sweetest baby voice, always negotiating something, getting Saturday morning donuts with daddy ....
Her dislikes: Daddy leaving for work, lids on her cup, having her hair fixed, not being in the action, ummm not being in Charge:)

We love you Baby Girl #1!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

where oh where has my camera cord gone?

Today I had big plans of downloading a bagillion pictures and writing several posts. These plans were changed when I couldn't find my camera cord anywhere! The search continues.... Wish me luck :)