Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Ready

Here are a couple of pictures of Josh and Caroline starting to set up the baby's room. Now that the crib is set up, we have filled it up with junk! Just a sneak peak for now, when it starts to look like a room, I will post more pictures.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Caroline, where's Mommy's................

This week I have started to have swollen fingers, thank you pregnancy. So, I have not been wearing my wedding rings the last part of the week. This morning my fingers felt normal, so I thought I would wear them. I couldn't find them, I was running late, so I figured I would look for them when I got home. ( I worried the whole time I was gone) Get home, look a bit, no rings. I sit down on a chair in our bedroom( and now part study) while Josh and I talk about something. I look at the floor and see my engagement ring. Weird, but I am happy I found it. I told Josh they were missing. So we both frantically start looking, Caroline is napping at this point. We look and look with no luck. Josh goes into Caroline's room to look through her dress up stuff. This of course wakes her up. I go in and talk to her a bit and then ask her if she has seen Mommy's pretty rings. She sleepily says,"yes, in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom." Josh goes in to start looking. I bring her into our room, Josh does not find them. Then we ask her again if she did anything with them. She goes to the paper shredder and says, "in there." Sure enough, there was my wedding band, in the slot for papers to feed into the shredder! We were so happy/relieved that we found them! We were not even upset that she got them off the counter in the bathroom, we were just happy that she was smart enough to remember what she did with them. It had probably been a day or two since she had put them in there!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Good Morning Big Girl!

Using the Barbie fishing pole, no fish caught with this one!

Daddy's Fishing Buddy

This was an eventful weekend. First we moved Caroline into her BIG GIRL bed!!!! Way to go Caroline. We are so proud of how well she has handled this change! So what does a big girl get to do to celebrate? Go fishing! She has been asking for weeks to go fishing with her daddy, so he took us both on Saturday morning. She liked it, but was not impressed with the actual fish he caught. All of this was followed up with a trip to the donut shop! Can't beat that.