Monday, January 28, 2008


We have new backyard neighbors, actually they are our backyard neighbor's new neighbors. But, fences meet in the corner. I have been noticing a new dog barking quite often the past few weeks. But, yesterday that dog barked ALL DAY LONG, then proceeded to bark ALL NIGHT. I slept in a different room and Josh had earplugs. It still woke all of us up through out the night. I can't decide what to do, I wanted to call the police at 4:00 when it woke Caroline up. I decided against that, mainly b/c I was too tired. So, now what do I do? I have dogs, so I want to be sensitive. But, we try REALLY hard not to let them yap the days away. Any thoughts on this weird problem?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Need a Nurse?

Caroline found her doctor kit and decided the baby and I needed an exam!

"I so EXCITED!" This is what she says before her Sunday morning donut trip with Daddy. They usually go while I get ready for church, but no church for us this week. But, we could still manage a few donuts:)

The new smile:) Lovely

We have not been up to much this past week. Josh has been sick. And I think we are all tired from thinking of baby names! C keeps asking if the baby has a name, I wish I had an answer. The search goes on. There are a few we kind of like, but who knows what we will decide!

Friday, January 11, 2008

lots of pictures

Caroline and I at Frosty the Snowman (children's theater)

Caroline after the play, waiting to see Frosty

Christmas Morning

Attempting to take a picture.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It is a....................

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boy or Girl

Tomorrow morning is the big sonogram, we are so excited. Caroline is going with us and I hope she enjoys being a part of the whole experience. I don't have a feeling either way, I am just so excited to know! I was at the mall today and saw so many great baby sales, I will have to go back tomorrow and get this little one something new. Maybe big sister will have to get something for them too!

Baby Boy
Little polos with khaki shorts
Orange Crocs
Blue Guitar Robeez
Cute boy hair cuts
Little Brother to the best big sister
Baby Girl
Dresses and hand me downs
Purple crocs
Princess Dresses
Pink Cupcake Robeez
Bows and Pigtails
Little Sister to the best big sister