Monday, January 21, 2008

Need a Nurse?

Caroline found her doctor kit and decided the baby and I needed an exam!

"I so EXCITED!" This is what she says before her Sunday morning donut trip with Daddy. They usually go while I get ready for church, but no church for us this week. But, we could still manage a few donuts:)

The new smile:) Lovely

We have not been up to much this past week. Josh has been sick. And I think we are all tired from thinking of baby names! C keeps asking if the baby has a name, I wish I had an answer. The search goes on. There are a few we kind of like, but who knows what we will decide!


victoria said...

look at that sweet belly and I love the new smile. I love looking at names. We actually love Caroline and thought if we had another girl we would name her Caroline Avery b.c I love South Carolina and well the name is just beautiful. I also think Finley, Ava, and Sophie and Maya are super cute too. But my husband is very traditional so all of those names are out for us!! what fun cass and when are you coming to austin? I would love for yall to come down and you always have a place to stay and I bet Caroline and kg would have a blast!!

Donnell Days said...

What cute pictures! I LOVE the one of Caroline "listening" to your tummy! So precious! I have still been trying to think of names for you too...I'll keep working on it. :)

The Sanchez Family said...

Aww she has the cutest expresions! And how cute she's listening to your belly!

jannifergrier said...

Finally, I see a picture of that baby belly!!!