Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boy or Girl

Tomorrow morning is the big sonogram, we are so excited. Caroline is going with us and I hope she enjoys being a part of the whole experience. I don't have a feeling either way, I am just so excited to know! I was at the mall today and saw so many great baby sales, I will have to go back tomorrow and get this little one something new. Maybe big sister will have to get something for them too!

Baby Boy
Little polos with khaki shorts
Orange Crocs
Blue Guitar Robeez
Cute boy hair cuts
Little Brother to the best big sister
Baby Girl
Dresses and hand me downs
Purple crocs
Princess Dresses
Pink Cupcake Robeez
Bows and Pigtails
Little Sister to the best big sister


victoria said...

oh my goodness tomorrow is the big day--congrats and either way I bet C will be a great big sister.

victoria said...

today is the day--good luck!!