Friday, February 27, 2009


Look at this poor baby! She had her first ear infection last weekend. She has slowly been getting better. Now, sister seems to be under the weather. Next week will be better! Sick kids are no fun, but the cuddling is nice!

Caroline blowing a kiss!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

9 Months

Happy to be at Gymboree

First ride in the double grocery cart

Little Valentine

First "biter"biscuit

Weight 18.5 lbs (50th)
Height 28 1/8 inches (75th)
Head Circumference 17 3/4 inches (90th) uh oh, she has her mom and Bebe's big head!

I can't believe this baby girl is already 9 months old! I want to freeze time. She is so precious and on the go! She has started this sweet habit, every night right before I put her in the crib I say, "night night." Right after I say it, she nuzzles her face into my neck and gives me a baby hug. It is precious, and she is like a little monkey, every time I say " night night" she does it, you know I say it over and over because I love getting her sweet hugs. She has started playing "coy" with anyone that makes eye contact with her, she buries her face into me and hides. Again, precious. She still loves Gymboree, and is in love with Gymbo. If you are not familiar with Gymbo, he is the main clown for Gymboree. The past 2 weeks she has really started eating her food, she gags on anything. She is super sensitive to texture of food. So we are just taking it slow and not pushing her. Caroline desperately wants to feed her:) Still no teeth, Dr. Ho did think her gums were swollen today. So maybe sometime soon she will get them. She will not let me look in her mouth. Actually, she won't let me do anything to her. She fights diaper changes, lotion, nose wiping, nasal spray, temp taking........... I don't mean puts up a little fight, I mean I have to have another adult help me restrain her if I really have to do something to her. The nurse commented today that she is REALLY strong, yes I agree! One strong willed big sister and one physically strong little sister. Watch out for the Landry Girls! Oh, and separation anxiety has SET IN. I can't leave her in the gym nursery long before they page me, and same with the church nursery. I don't mind, I miss her too! We love this sweet girl and she has filled our house with so much more happiness.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

to do list: make homemade baby food

*****Update, I called this morning. They are sending a "retrieval" kit. So I had to dry the bug leg and send it back with the jar. Oh, and they are sending me some coupons. Ha, anyone want some baby food coupons?!

Feeding the girls dinner tonight. Open up a new jar of baby food for Susanna, give it a stir. UUUUMMM, notice something strange in the jar. BUG LEG people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if you have any tips. I do make Susanna some baby food, but I will be making all of it going forward! I would be interested to read some other moms homemade baby food experiences! And any tips!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Mommy haircut gone wrong! Please forgive me Susanna!

As soon as I snipped her hair, a flash of Moe went across my brain! But, look a bit of water and some "swooping" and the "Moe" is gone. Have any of you given your kids bad "hairdos" ?? Caroline always had I mullet that I tried to keep under control.

The Swoop


Hard at work.

Susanna doing her best to help, slobber all over

each piece. Makes it stick better:)

Susanna admiring Caroline's work.

A favorite place of both of the girls. ( I love saying that, the girls, ahhh, makes me smile) This is what we do in the afternoons after naptime.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

8 months

In the picture-taking chair right before she tried to jump out!

I could eat her, she is so cute!

Mom, enough already.

sweet cheeks

You may be wondering where months, 6&7 went?? I myself am wondering the same thing, I am thinking about firing the person I have running the blog. Oops that would be me! Anywho... on to Susanna Banana. This sweetie is stealing all of our hearts. She is so precious and so busy! She loves standing at Caroline's Lego table, especially if C is playing at it too. She can move at record speeds, I will leave the room and the next thing I know she is on my heels. This month she has decided she likes baby food. Up until now, it has been a waste of time offering it to her. It would end up everywhere but in her mouth. Those days are over, she gobbles it up, she loves a certain Pasta Dinner baby food and pureed spinach mixed with rice cereal. Caroline is so sweet to S and Susanna SQUEALS when she sees her sister. I think she is her favorite:) Susanna has never been a big fan of the church nursery or anything similar to it, but now she REALLY dislikes being left. She SCREAMS. But, hey I am used to it, her sister still throws a bit of a fit when we leave her anywhere. We feel so blessed, but so tired. Still waiting for these teeth to pop through! Oh, did I mention she is semi-cruising on furniture. And she LOVES her gymboree class. It melts my heart how much she likes other babies. Too cute. Ok, enough of my mommy ramblings!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Susanna had a great time at Savannah Grace's 2nd Birthday party and took a little nap on daddy.


I was tagged by Camille. I love these.
1. Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
2. Select the 4th photo (no exceptions).
3. Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.
4. Tag 4 people do do the same

A picture of Caroline's first Christmas. She looks happy doesn't she:) I had to include a happy picture from the same set of pictures. I tag.... Joy, Jannifer, Leslie, and Victoria. Everyone join in, it is fun to peek into old picture folders:)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I need to just pay someone to fix my blog! I get tired of things quickly, no matter how much I like them. I always want to change things up. Even our house, I move decorations around quite often. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Wish I could "shop" some friends blogs to redecorate my own. I think I would pick Victoria:) I am waiting for inspiration to fix it.... hopefully I get some soon!