Friday, October 9, 2009

Caroline Turns Four by Sandy Landry

Here is a story that Caroline's Nini (Sandy to the rest of us or Mom to Josh) wrote for her to remember her 4th birthday party. I will do a picture post this weekend.
Caroline was turning four the very next day. She wasn’t sure if she would turn four in the night, and if she would feel it when it happened. What if her feet grew an inch during the night and when she awoke she appeared taller, more like a four year old?

Sometimes Caroline didn’t understand the difference between “tomorrow” and “day after tomorrow,” “later,” “soon,” “in a little while,” and “a long time from now.” They were all words that meant “a long time and NOT NOW.” She knew that for sure. So even though everyone had told her the birthday was “tomorrow,” she was still surprised when she awoke and everyone said, “You are four years old today,” and she knew she must have done it without trying at all, but she didn’t seem one bit taller.

She was having her friends over for her Daddy donut birthday party. That was because she and her daddy always went out for donuts on Saturday morning and she wanted to share her special fun with her friends. On her birthday, she was inviting all of her friends to join her for breakfast. They were coming early in the morning and they were even wearing their pjs to play and eat donuts with her.

Caroline’s mommy had a special outfit for Caroline to wear. It had a C on the front with long flowy pants and ruffles on the bottom. On an ordinary day, Caroline would have thought it was a very pretty outfit, but when she saw her friends arrive in their pjs, she didn’t think her pretty outfit was “comfy” enough, so she went quietly to her room and put on her old princess nightgown, the one that was too short and looked a little dirty and was frayed around the edges. Caroline felt so comfy and so beautiful when she went outside with her friends. As she passed her Nini, her Nini asked, “Caroline, are you sure it’s all right to wear that gown to your party, to which she replied, “Of course it is, it is beautiful. Her mommy was so surprised when Caroline came out in her new outfit.

Before long, all of her friends had arrived. There were lots of friends: Colin, Gabriel, Haley, Leah, Nora, Maggie, Judd, and two Graces, and two Carolines. They ran around and jumped on Caroline’s new trampoline and played in her little play house and stirred things in her little kitchen. They even ran into her room and tried on her play clothes.

Caroline wanted to share with her friends, but it was hard , especially when everyone put on her jewelry. For a minute, she was a little sad, but then she remembered that when she played at their houses they always shared with her, so she let them wear her very best jewelry and her prettiest clothes. Everyone looked very beautiful dressed up like princesses and fairies. Caroline thought perhaps her boy friends were best; they never wanted to wear her play clothes.

When Caroline blew out her candles, she huffed and she puffed like the mean old wolf, and she blew them all out and even had lots of air left. No one knew she had been practicing for weeks to be able to blow them all out in such a grand way.

The very best part was when Mr. Ed came. Mr. Ed was a very funny man who played his guitar and sang songs with the kids. He sang songs about a great big fish eating little fish and abc’s and lots of exciting things and the children sang with him and danced and had a great time. Since Caroline was the birthday girl, she got to hold the hungry caterpillar while Mr. Ed sang about him.

After Caroline opened her gifts, all the kids mommy’s helped clean up and gather up their things and rushed home. Well, Caroline thought they rushed home, because she hated to see them go.

When everyone had gone, Caroline wanted to know when her birthday was coming again. “Oh, Caroline, her mommy said. It will be a whole year until you are five.”

Caroline wanted to know how many fingers she could hold up when she was five and she began practicing right away for her next birthday.