Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We had a great time in Galveston. The condo was great and the pool was even better. C couldn't get enough swimming, especially because she had her Auntie, cousin, Bapa, and Daddy to swim with! Mommy liked that too! C did not like the seaweed on the beach, but she did like the bubbles that were around the seaweed. She preferred to be carried through the water than walk through it on her own. I think if we had been there longer she would have grown an appreciation for it! She was a bit of a hit I must admit, she was running all over the reunion get together. Everyone laughed at her, saying that she had put a thousand miles on her little, green crocs. I think she might have! She is the energizer bunny!

Our computer is not allowing me to get online, so I am using Josh's computer to post this and catch up on emails.... I will post pictures when our computer is better:) I hope SOONER than later!


victoria said...

cannot wait to see pictures and glad you had a great trip with the family.