Saturday, February 6, 2010

makes me laugh

These two girls make me laugh, shall I be honest some of these things make me want to scream, but usually I laugh.


in the car she often says"GO woman" talking to cars in front of us. {She already is a Houston driver! }

Everything she eats is delicious

She won't eat food if she doesn't deam to be beautiful {?}

She throws words around like responsible and recognize like Susanna throws food off her tray
WILL.NOT. stay off the kitchen table

every sweet treat is called a dookie{she can't get enough of them}

all animals are called puppies, except cats

she will not say Caroline, only Dister{ask her to say Caroline, she says "Dister"}

she has the cutiest little kissy face

favorite song Itsy Bitsy Spider

looking at books, she HAS to sit in your lap when this happens :)

I remembered recently why I have stored my makeup in a bag on the counter for a couple of years, instead of in the drawer that is meant for such things, 20 month olds LOVE to get into make up


JamieB said...

ahahahaa! Caroline's, "GO Woman!" made me laugh out loud! plus, how does she know it is a woman??
Susanna all dressed up on the kitchen table, oh my goodness... she is so cute. and i see grace in the background of the last picture :)) she's pretty cute, too!!

Kari Sanchez said...

They are so precious! Just cracks me up that she is always on the table! haha

Nicci said...

Love it! So cute!

Donnell Days said...

I know it probably isn't always funny to you, but it cracks me up that Susanna is always on the kitchen table!!!

Jordan said...

they are so cute! I love that you documented some of the things they say!

victoria said...

what a cute post. you have such fun girls. kg would love to meet your girls. come to austin!

Cassidy said...

Jamie, she says it to all cars, I don't have a clue.

The table thing is very funny to me, maybe she senses that I secretly get a kick out of it!

VJ, we need to come to austin very very soon. bring our table climbing, car yelling on the road:)

Aurora said...

Oh, I love when little kids use big's so cute! And those pictures of Susanna are hilarious! :)