Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ike Evacuees

Susanna happy at the zoo

Riding the train

Wow she is looking at the camera!

Happy Birthday Nini

Papa's new toy. If you could hear C, she is saying "FASTER"

C's new ride


and waiting

finally a fish!

We hit the road when we saw that Ike was on it's way to Houston. Who wants to be without electricity with a little one? Not me! We headed to Cleburne and had a great time. Thanks to Josh's parents for feeding us and for the non stop play with Caroline! We were there to celebrate Nini's birthday and lots of other fun things. Josh was able to work from his Blackberry and laptop, so it really was a nice time for all. Here are some pictures. Oh, and I got to get a "Kristi" haircut. Kristi has been cutting my hair for almost 9 years and I try to go to her whenever we are in the DFW area. :)


victoria said...

one the picture of susanna is so cute! such a sweet grin. and two the picture of you and miss C is beautiful. and the picture where josh caught the fish C looks frightened of the big ol' fish. glad you guys had somewhere to escape. we had some friends stay with us b/c they had no electricity. great pictures and looks like some fun family time! how was your birthday???

Dena Donnell said...

I'm so glad you all were able to have some fun because of Ike!! What a great excuse to get away for a few days! :)

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

cLEBURNE... that is so close to my home... great pics and I am glad that you got to get your hair cut... priorities... I love the fishing pictures... waiting... hilarious.

The Sanchez Family said...

C on the scooter is too cute! Susanna is so sweet and happy! I'm glad you had a place to go to and enjoy!

Nicci said...

Cute Pics! Susanna is getting so big! All these babies are making me have baby fever and I've only been married 2 weeks!