Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conversations with Caroline

Caroline is always thinking, which leads to some pretty interesting conversations. This week in the car. (background info, Caroline has a weird fascination with Josh and I 's belly buttons. When she is tired or upset she will ask if she can touch our buttons. Don't ask me!... We have made her stop doing this, but she still asks.)
Caroline: where does God live?
Mommy: Heaven
Caroline: I want to see Him, can I go to Heaven?
Mommy: You will see Him one day in Heaven, but he is with us all the time right now, wherever we are.
Caroline: Ok, Where is Jesus?
Mommy: With God.
Caroline: Will Jesus let me touch his button??
Mommy: Hysterical Laughter....
Caroline: Yes, I think He will.

Sweet Caroline, one of our many conversations about God.

In the car listening to Veggie Tales
Caroline: What are they singing about?
Mommy: Jesus
Caroline: I want to go see Jesus.
Mommy:Ok. You can talk to Him when you pray.
Caroline: Ok. Does Jesus drive a truck???
Mommy: Again, Laughter.


nicolepage said...

That is so adorable! Almost makes me teary to hear such a tiny one asking sweet questions about Jesus. I hope He does let her touch His button in heaven! Probably nothing would make her happier. ;) ha ha

victoria said...

love it what sweet conversations. thank goodness for blogger so we can keep them--these are those bottle it moments!

Donnell Days said...

I can't quit laughing at the belly button conversation...I LOVE IT!! Sweet, sweet Caroline! :) I would have to agree with Nicole's post...I'm sure she will get to touch His button one day!

The Sanchez Family said...

LOL I have tears in my eyes from laughter!! That is hilarious, can I touch his buttons! It's so good you write these down. Thanks for the laugh.

Helwig Happenings said...

These are so sweet Cassidy! I love that you wrote them- I am going to have to remember to keep a journal of our sweet conversations one day with Griffin. She will so appreciate you writing these down for her one day! Those are priceless Caroline-isms!