Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh my!

We got a gym membership the middle of June. I have been trying to go as much as I can recently, that means last week up to now. Well, you get one free session with a personal trainer with the membership. Yesterday I had my free session. It was really good, the trainer really pushed me towork out hard. He had me do ab work on the mat in front of a mirror, at one point I looked at myself and my face looked like a ghost! Then they sit you down, yes there were two muscley (sp?) guys explaining the training plans I could sign up for. Lets just say, I laughed out loud when they showed the me the prices. Anyway, I am following a bunny trail on that topic. Last night I start getting really sore, I mean can barely get out of a chair by myself. Well, today I can barely move! That guy tried to kill me! It is more difficult to move around today, than it was after I had a baby! Ha Ha! That is it! This will pass, and I can go back to my easy workouts! :)


The Sanchez Family said...

LOL, you are so funny, well at least you tried the trainer, but you're like me, I'd stick to my way (even if theirs is better) Good luck!