Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ryan and C at the Children's Museum
Caroline the Fire Fighter
Peek a Boo!
After the Museum
Down the Slide!

We have been busy people here in Landry Land. We had friends visit a couple of weeks ago, and the following week I volunteered at VBS. Josh's sister and her family came down to visit, they watched C while I was at VBS, and the boys went fishing. Pictures from this week will be posted later!

Here are some pictures of our time with Jannifer and Ryan. Jann and I were college roommates and Ryan and C are 3 months apart. We went swimming, visited the Children's Museum, and went to the park. We had a blast having friends in town!


victoria said...

super sweet--wondering where you have been--sounds like you have been a busy gal!

The Sanchez Family said...

So cute, I love the one of her on the slide. I'm glad you have had a good visit with friends.