Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Savannah Grace!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Caroline had a wonderful time celebrating SG's 1st Birthday with her! She looked so cute, she would have eaten her whole smash cake, but her mommy wouldn't let her! And the party was the cutiest I have every seen. Nicole needs to be a party planner:) Pictures to come! Caroline started to mealt down during the gifts, so we had to make a quick exit. 2 year olds in public, aaahh! She was asleep one minute after we got home. It is only a 2-3 minute ride in the car! Too much party fun!


Kylie said...

Cassidy I found your blog on Kari's and enjoyed catching a glimpse of your life these days. You have beautiful family. I would have not recognized you though without the curly hair you had in highschool!