Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"what a beautiful day to go to the zoo"

Caroline said this several times during our recent trip to the zoo(a few days before Christmas). Oh, and she is boycotting looking at the camera:)

Susanna taking over stroller duty
oh, and what outing isn't complete without your mom nagging/reprimanding you? So glad this was caught on the camera. j/k keeping it real.


Donnell Days said...

I am LOVING the last picture...that is greatness!!

Joy said...

It was a beautiful day to be a mean mommy at the zoo,after all.

love the honesty!

Cassidy said...

Ha, actually mean mommy appeared after the zoo!

Nicci said...

Thats great! I love the honesty and the pictures are great! You really crack me up! :)

victoria said...

way to keep it real.